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We are super excited to be launching the first phase of our community timetable as we take another big step towards growing a healthier and happier community in the High Wycombe area. We aim to make amazing group exercise as accessible as possible by using a selection of community venues to host our classes.

Our first phase includes an even balance of morning, evening and weekend opportunities to become more active, through some fun coach led 45 minute workouts that are suitable for all levels of ability. Training with others is a brilliant way to stay motivated, share experiences and create accountability to your lifestyle routine.

We recommend aiming for two classes a week to see some really positive changes in your health, fitness and wellbeing within the first 6 to 8 weeks. If you need some free advice with other areas of your lifestyle our coaches will be available for 15 minutes after each session to have a chat and help you make good choices. We also have a Facebook community group launching in March 2020 that you are encouraged to be part of and benefit from free guidance and expertise from industry experts.

Getting to 2 classes a week can cost as little as £2 per class. Making it less of an expense than your last coffee or muffin.

If you want to try out a class as a one off, or add something different to your routine now and again. We have flexible pay as you go options and reduced rates for buying blocks of 5 or 10 credits.

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